started as a collaboration of 5 sisters who wanted to get together on some creative activities. Each had a flair for art.

They were (and often still are) in widely dispersed locations - from Spain, to Ireland, to London, to Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. By setting up regular get togethers in person and on Zoom they painted and created artistic items. This is a common bond they could enjoy together. Over time they have each developed individual styles and working practices.

During lockdown they opened up the group to grow an online community. Other artists were invited to join in with hosted art sessions which continue to this day.

Our goal here is to bring you joy and our personal favourite outputs, plus fresh ideas and products we may launch.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy all the personal and unique designs created by this unique set of people.

Hi, I’m Eileen Neligan, editor

I live for seeing people happy, content and despite life's challenges, in a good place.

I hope that with’s curated content, you too can find inspiration to make you smile and feel in a beautiful place.